Highlights from our current Liquidations

Current Liquidations

  Online Auction STARK Energies GmbH

  until June 29, 2022    approx. 190 lots   Various locations
Agricultural Tractor, Tracked Vehicle, Trucks, Mini Excavators, Mobile Excavator, Articulated Wheel Loaders, Asphalt Paver, Combination Roller, Site Compressor, Tandem Flatbed, Petrol Floor Cutters, Vibration Plates, Cars

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  Private Sale MS Powertrain Technology GmbH

  until June 30, 2022    approx. 3 lots   D–02763 Zittau
3x Double-spindle Machining Centers CHIRON DZ 18.2, YOM 2011-2012

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  Online Auction Signalhorn Trusted Networks GmbH

  until June 30, 2022    approx. 10 lots   D–71522 Backnang-Waldrems
IPv4 address network, a total of 32,768 addresses, as an entire network or in subnets

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  Private Sale ROWA Wäscheservice GmbH

  until July 6, 2022    approx. 30 lots   D–07407 Rudolstadt
Laundry Mangle, Folding Machine, Heating Oil Tank, Continuous Dryer, Room Equipments, Industrial Dryers, Carousel Press, Double Hull Cabinet, Industrial Washing Machine

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  Private Sale Agricultural Machinery

  until July 12, 2022    1 lot   D–25821 Reußenköge
Liquid Manure Separation Wagon BÖRGER RR 6000 V2, YOM 2016, for liquid manure and biogas plants

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  Private Sale TWP Bad Laasphe Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG

  until July 20, 2022    1 lot   D–57334 Bad Laasphe
Deep Drawing Punching Tool MARBACH, YOM 1997

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  Online Auction Bahnsen Reh GmbH

  until July 28, 2022    approx. 400 lots   D–25821 Reußenköge
Forage Harvesters, Tractors, Liquid Manure Separation Wagon, Baler, Timber Intake Machines, Articulated Wheel Loader, Seed Drill, 2-axle Liquid Manure Wagon, Chaff Transport Wagons, Semi-Trailers, Crawler Excavators, Cars

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